"If you wish to hear us, listen to what we are not allowed to say."


When Rodrigo Duterte ran for president of the Philippines in 2016, he promised that change would come for the Filipino people.


We draw the line with red

We have come to draw the line with red.

This is Datu Mansoladlad from the Banwaon Lumad tribe of Mindanao in the Philippines. The Banwaon and other Lumad tribes have been in recent years fighting an uphill battle to retain control of their ancestral lands. The government has intensified... Continue Reading →

NO CHOICE: Why the Lumad and their children are on the march in the Philippines

"We came here to ask for justice."


They come unbidden in the dead of the dark night.

And nothing is as worth fighting for as living a decent life free from all worries such as job insecurity.

These Lumad children will not stop fighting for their rights, and neither should we.

UNTITLED (a developing story)

"Rosa, in the backyard of the great Ladron family's house, in the midst of all the bustling activity in preparation for the fiesta that day, felt so alone in the middle of all these people."

Sister, my shoulder is broad enough for both our tears

"And know too that, should you need it, my shoulder is broad enough for both our tears."

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