"If you wish to hear us, listen to what we are not allowed to say."




When Rodrigo Duterte ran for president of the Philippines in 2016, he promised that change would come for the Filipino people.


There are over 3 million homeless people in the Philippines, one of the highest in the world

Large scale destructive mining destroys ancestral lands of indigenous peoples and worsens the climate crisis.

Change, anyone?

We're ready for those changes.

Indigenous Behind Bars

A quick look at some facts regarding Indigenous Political Prisoners in the Philippines.

West Papua Fast Facts: 13 things I think we should know

Some things I discovered while reading up on the West Papuan situation. I could not but shout "Merdeka!" afterwards.

The Trump effect on the lives of Native Americans and other Indigenous Peoples

Donald Trump is now president of the United States, and his presidency will have a big impact on Native Americans and other Indigenous Peoples of the world. My take on why.

This break up will not destroy you

Note: This entry is about an abusive partnership and why this break up will only be for the better.

Why shutting down Mocha Uson Blog is a challenge to our freedom of speech

Shutting down Mocha Uson Blog is not simply about making her shut up, it's about taking away our freedom of speech

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