"If you wish to hear us, listen to what we are not allowed to say."



UNTITLED (a developing story)

"Rosa, in the backyard of the great Ladron family's house, in the midst of all the bustling activity in preparation for the fiesta that day, felt so alone in the middle of all these people."

Sister, my shoulder is broad enough for both our tears

"And know too that, should you need it, my shoulder is broad enough for both our tears."

Tell him how

tell him how he takes your breath away.


these horrible chains that you used to tie us up will be the last thing you will see.


The nation is at peace for all of them are dead.

I will wait for you

"In the midst of our passion we shall again speak and renew our vows..."

Never love a writer

"...and words are the reason for the beating of your heart."

How do you bury eternity?

"...sometimes, eternity never ends."

If ever I cannot arrive

"...together we shall take shelter under the rain..."

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