"If you wish to hear us, listen to what we are not allowed to say."

There are over 3 million homeless people in the Philippines, one of the highest in the world


" is expected that land disputes will continue while the elite and the government continue to deny farmers and tillers their right to land."

the government has yet to come up with a viable solution to mitigate the effects of the El Nino phenomenon on the lives of Filipino farmers and indigenous peoples

Large scale destructive mining destroys ancestral lands of indigenous peoples and worsens the climate crisis.

In 2016, almost 3000 Moro and indigenous peoples arrived in Manila from different parts of the country to assert their right to self determination

The 2017 May One rally was attended by almost 100,000 workers and labor rights advocates from all over the country.

When that seat in front of you is empty, and it's been empty for a long time, and you're wondering if someone's ever going to take that seat again.

Tell him how

tell him how he takes your breath away.

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